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There is only one thing more stimulating than enjoyment of the arts and that’s enjoying them with like-minded people.

Our dynamic programme includes illustrated talks with the occasional visit and Special Interest Day.

The Arts Society West Dorset (formerly known as West Dorset Decorative & Fine Arts Society) is part of The Arts Society, an organisation of over 90,000 members recognised as a significant force within the art world. What brings us together is an interest in the arts and in conservation, and what keeps us coming back is the high standard of all our activities.

The Arts Society West Dorset is for people of all ages and new members are always welcome - and it’s a great way to make new friends!

All our lecturers are well informed, nationally recognised experts, talented in communicating their enthusiasm.

Welcome to The Arts Society West Dorset

Your Society needs you!

Without a committee to run it The Arts Society West Dorset would not exist.  We are currently a very small, overstretched and diminishing team and need volunteers, in particular someone to deal with publicity and to organize visits and events, but any help would be appreciated and valued.

Please think about joining us 

Please note that our meetings are now on the third THURSDAY of the month


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